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August 4, 2019

WOMAS UPDATE:  COVERAGE has been selected as one of the TOP FIVE scripts of all the entries in the Women Making a Scene international competition.

July 2019

Women Making a Scene

"The judges carefully watched your scene, Coverage. . . You’ve scored very well amongst our judges!  We would like to inform you that your scene is an Official Selection."

COVERAGE has been selected as a finalist!

We are excited to announce that the dates are confirmed for the inaugural year of the WOMAS International Film Project!

The Premiere Event takes place on Thursday August 15th in the large house at Reading Cinemas Grossmont! The awards ceremony and afterparty then take place at the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel on the San Diego Harbor.

June 2019

San Diego 48-Hour Film Project

Congratulations to Kanari Storm for a 2nd Place win for ONE PLUS ONE NIGHT STAND in this years San Diego 48-Hour Film Project.

Congrats to John Freeman and Robin Martin for your Best Director and Best Editing nominations.
Congrats to Sidney Franklin and Marianne Bates for your Best Supporting Actor Wins!
Congrats to David Raines, Marianne Bates and Christine Gatlin for the Best Screenwriting Win.


June 11, 2016


CONGRATULATIONS to Amalgamated Grommets for their recent four EMMY WINS!

WRITER SHORT FORM:  Marianne Bates for 'Coverage' and 'Inmate 14658'

DIRECTOR SHORT FORM: Michael Brueggemeyer for 'Coverage' and 'Inmate 14658'

May 3, 2016


CONGRATULATIONS to Amalgamated Grommets for their recent EMMY nominations.


The National Academy of Televisions Arts and Sciences Pacific Southwests NATAS Pacific Southwest nominated Amalgamated Grommets for the following:


WRITER SHORT FORM:  Marianne Bates for 'Coverage' and 'Inmate 14658'


SHORT FORMAT PROGRAM:  Michael Towe, Mike Brueggemeyer and Marianne Bates for 'The Heiress Lethal' and 'Coverage'


Winners will be announced at the EMMY awards ceremony to be held on June 11, 2016.



April 1-3, 2016


Amalgamated Grommets complete the touching short film, 'Mourning Michael'.


March 3, 2016


Several of the Amalgamed Grommets team travels to Atlanta, Georgia to support the screening of 'THE LIST' at Filmapalooza 2016.


February 18, 2016


Tonight at 11:00 pm on KPBS, Amalgamated Grommets will be discussing their short films on "Film Indiego"  Tune in!


November 21, 2015


This just in - two of Amalgamated Grommets short films, 'Inmate 14658' and 'Coverage" have been accepted into the Coronado Island Film Festival.


September 14, 2015


159 films were submitted to the 48 Hour Film Project  - Los Angeles and AMALGAMATED GROMMETS' "THE LIST" won BEST FILM!  Additional award for "THE LIST" include:  


Best Actor Runner Up - Ron Christopher Jones,

Best Directing - Michael Brueggemeyer

Best Writing - Marianne Bates

Best Musical Score - Kenseth Thibideau and Mike Towe

Best Use of Genre 


February 1, 2015


2015 San Diego Film Award Nominations


Amalgamated Grommets have been nominated for several San Diego Film Awards.  


UNDERCOVERS was nominated for;

- Best Directing
- Best Writing
- Best Lead Actress -- Annie Willett Thomas
- Best Lead Actor -- Ron Christopher Jones
- Best Supporting Actor -- Jonathan Maxwell
- Best Production Design
- Best Filmc


The Amalgamated Grommets Wings-N-Things commercial was also nominated!!


2015 San Diego Film Awards will be held on March 6th and 7th at the Horton Grand Theater in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego.